Ave's political link dump

Hey, welcome to my political link dump. Here you can find some things I tend to link to often, so often that I had tags for it on Discord. I decided to move them here to have more a bit more freedom wrt how I present the information, and who I present the information. This is a work in progress, and I will try to keep adding useful links as I find them. Enjoy.

Feel free to send me links to include here, or if you have a proper data backed (and I don't mean bullshit nitpicked data, I mean proper data) arguemnts against the stuff I'm linking here. My email is [email protected].

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Elon Musk

Everyone's favorite space guy who pulled himself up from his shoelaces, whose all ideas are great. Except not.
I can't come up with a factual source because all you need to see this is look at his twitter, but he also tries to look like "our guy" to the public by acting like a teenager on Twitter to get a supporter base against people speaking out against him, just like Martin Shkreli did.


Milkshaking as a method of protest

Clown Pepe / Clown World / Honkler

"Honk Honk" / "Honkler" / "Clown World" / "Clown Pepe" / "fren" is a fascist meme.

Quick rundown of the dogwhistles:
"Honkler" is a portmanteau of "Honk" and "Hitler".
"honk honk" / "honk honker" / "honk honkler" = heil hitler.
"fren" = someone on their side
"non-fren" = anyone but "frens", including any sort of minorities
"bop" = kill, attack, ban
The fight on this set of subreddits seems over. Thank you for all your hard work, and keep it up, comrades o7

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